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Dear Friend,

Check this out. Right now is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to get Mind Blowing Skills that no one has anywhere else.

Listen, I know you want “the edge” – the breakthrough secrets and skills that aren’t available to the masses. So ask yourself this question:

What’s the One Thing that’s Standing in the Way
of Your Self-Mastery and Success?

Is it FEAR? Is it your past? Is it Money? Is it the economy or the government?

Well, think again, because the truth is, the one thing that’s standing in the way of your success is you. Yes, you.

You see, if you are not the master of your self, you will be mastered by others – people and circumstances will direct and control you. But if You Are The Master of your self, you will not be mastered by anything or anyone else – and you can choose your own destiny!

Nothing is More Satisfying Than Being in Control of Your Own Life!

You become powerful yet graceful, like a Panther. You intuit victory before it occurs. Would that be useful in your life? Today such is a thing is possible with Scott Bolan’s dynamic courses.

As a multiple black belt holder and master instructor for many years, Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee Scott Bolan has shown thousands of people how to defend themselves against violent physical attack . We still get letters from other instructors and students who love Scott Bolan’s DVDs…

They say they are the Most PRACTICAL & BRUTAL
Effective Self-Defense Tactics they’ve ever seen!

Yet for all of their escaping physical death and living to a healthy ripe old age, most people die without ever having truly lived !

Do you ever feel that way? Like you’re not living life to your fullest potential? Then it’s no accident you’re reading this now, because this is what you’ve been looking for. You see, Scott Bolan teaches the Secrets of Living Powerfully and How To Get What You Want.

Scott’s revolutionary courses like “Speed NLP” “Complete Combat” and “Warrior Hypnosis” are worldwide best-sellers. These unique materials are specifically designed to assist you in becoming a complete Warrior of Mind, Body and Spirit. So you are not only Surviving, you are also Thriving…

  •  Thriving in Chaos (you win in any situation and always land on top)
  • Thriving Economically (your endeavors multiply and prosper, YOUR BANK ACCOUNT GETS BIGGER and BIGGER)
  • Thriving in Health (You Get STRONGER, Faster and more DANGEROUS TO ATTACKERS and those with EVIL INTENTIONS, and you have a lasting peace)
  • Thriving in Relationships (harmony and bliss are the norm)

And here’s exactly how , so listen up. It’s been proven that a bumblebee cannot fly. His wings are too small to carry his larger body mass and weight.

Yet, the bee doesn’t listen to those scientists, he doesn’t doubt himself or even think about it – and he flies all day long!

He refuses to be hypnotized or manipulated by external forces. Not directed by the media, politicians, or popular opinion. Not directed by his past, his friends, his relatives, his emotional impulses, fears, habits, or negative thinking.

He is true to his nature and is self-directed. His Spirit (Shen) is directing his Intention (Yi)

The man who is self-directed in this fashion is the true modern-day Warrior.

When you combine the powerful forces of Shen and Yi with Superior Skills and an Elite Knowledge Arsenal, You Become Unstoppable!

Imagine Your Mind and Body being
as Powerful as a Tidal-Wave!

Right now, you are being given a chance to have this power for yourself. Boatloads of satisfied clients have conquered their fears and limitations, sending us letters jumping with joy and shouting that “this stuff works!”

The good news is that you can do the same!

THESE Courses Give YOU the Master-Secrets of Personal Prosperity

And after many years of enormous continued success for his clients, Scott Bolan has decided to take ALL of his confidential elite members-only materials off of the market years ago. But throughout the last year, and especially these last few weeks, people are constantly asking for courses they missed out on.

So I’ve talked Scott into letting me Digitize the Master Secrets Collection for the first time EVER! It was only available in hard copy, but now you can also stream it and download it whenever you want! They’re only available through Memorial Day and I’ve put them into HUGE DISCOUNT  packages for you!

For this one time only, Scott Bolan is giving you EVERY year’s Confidential Membership discs! – until midnight on the Tuesday after Memorial Day at super sweet discount prices, most are 2/3 off or more!

Then they got locked away FOREVER. That means this is your LAST CHANCE to have these elite courses!

The Master Secrets Collection – every monthly disc from 2006 to 2010 * Advanced Master Secrets – every monthly disc from 2011 to 2014 *The Elite Power Collection – every monthly disc from 2015 to 2020

Choose on, or “have them all!” – either way every order gets over $1000.00 in Free Confidential Bonuses!

Listen. This stuff is just too damn powerful for the public.  Let them have the strip-mall McDojo’s and the fluffy Oprah-stuff. Our clients are elite warriors who want to live powerfully (and that means you)

These courses download into your brain workable  real modern ninja skills. I’m not talking about the stereotype ninja. I’m talking about the Real Elite Warriors who know how win in life, and have unstoppable confidence and a lasting peace-of-mind.

If you feel this is your calling, these skills can be yours…

Skills like How To Blend in when you don’t want to be seen, or How To Stand Out when you want for a tactical purpose (capture the attraction of the girl of your dreams, get higher pay, make that awesome business connection, or stand out above the competition)
In these Scott Bolan Packages you get skills just like this! Scott shows you exactly how to …

  • Stop a Terrorist or Cold-Blooded Killer DEAD in their tracks!
  • Prosper and MAKE MORE MONEY in any economy or Political situation
  • Devastation AND Healing Techniques of the Kahuna and Tao-Kung Warrior Sages
  • Intuit the answers to any problem from the “Jin-Chi-Shen inner-game MASTERY sanctuary”
  • How to Increase Your Energy  for battle, winning, persuasion and mental influence
  • 7 Ways of Intuition & Influence (most people call this “mind-reading” & “mind control”)
  •  Add Massive Speed Power & Strength to your Martial Arts – your friends will freak out!!!
  • Know how to Fight and WIN  with passive, medium, or LETHAL STRIKES according to the threat you face
  • No more fear,  no more pretending to feel a certain way – actually BE the way you want
  • Know how to HEAL and protect yourself and help others in times of need
  • The Hidden 8 Steps to Light-Switch Success
  • What to say and how to say it in ANY situation
  • Mind-Warrior Secrets of the JEDI (Yes for real, it existed thousands of years ago, and still does today)
  • How to master every moment (Life is made of moments. Master the moment, and you master life itself!)…. and so much more, it would take 20 pages to outline it all here.

REALIZE THIS my friend. Today is your day. You will never see this offer again. They are all off the table after Memorial Day, so don’t put it off another moment because it will be gone!

We’ve made these packages so ridiculously affordable, it’d be just plain foolish to pass up a deal like this. Have a look and find out for yourself  what you get in each HUGE DISCOUNT PACKAGE.

And if you’re wondering “what if I already have a product that’s in a Package?” No Problem! we look up each order know so we know what you have, and we’ll replace it with stuff you don’t have yet.

Sound good? Damn right! You really can’t beat a deal like this. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity and invest in your knowledge and skills arsenal for your future.

Order each package you like, or order the “Have It ALL” package! Your hard copies will ship right out, and your digital access will be available to you immediately.


  • Every order Comes with extra. confidential FREE Bonuses!
  • If you see a product you already have, don’t worry, we look up each order and replace what you have with products you don’t have yet so you get a complete set!
  • Every set is available in Digital + Hard Copy, and if you order All 3 Warrior Collections your hard copy is Free!

The Confidential Master-Secrets Collection: 41 CDs & 12 DVDs of underground warrior “how-to”

For four years from September 2006 to September 2010, Scott Bolan recorded a “members-only” private CD or DVD, for his “invitation-only” Inner Circle Members. These Inner Circle Member discs are the perhaps the most powerful, insightful, cutting-edge “how-to” information that we’ve ever compiled. 41 CDs, 12 DVDs, Bonus Manuals

1280.00   only 397.00 (Hard Copy + Digital) | 297.00 (Digital Version) (that’s a 895.00 discount!)



From October 2010 to May 2014, Scott Bolan recorded these confidential advanced teachings into “members-only” monthly private disc – 25 CDs and 37 DVDs to be exact.

These confidential Discs were never offered to the public, and not available anywhere else. You HAD to be a member to get them.

These were the ADVANCED teachings and new insights and discoveries. The cutting-edge knowledge, strategies, tactics, elite skills and “how-to” wisdom are transformational!

1291.00   only 397.00 (Hard Copy + Digital) | 297.00 (Digital Only) (that’s a 994.00 discount!)



The next level of Confidential Membership discs (hard copy + digital) with Scott’s cutting-edge research and discoveries, elite teachings, deadly skills, powerful tactics and special guests!

  • 2015 Elite Mastery Membership (12 Discs (combination of DVDs and CDs) + Huge Bonus pack)
  • 2016 Inner Circle Membership (12 DVDs + New Bonus pack)
  • 2017 Modern Day Ninja Mastery Membership (12 DVDs + Bonuses)
  • 2018, 2019 Total Life Warrior Mastery Membership (24 DVDs + 12 mp3 CDs + 12 Transcripts + Bonus Pack)

1588.00   only 397.00 (Hard Copy + Digital)  |  297.00 (Digital Only) (that’s an over 1191.00 discount!)



All of the above! Every Member Disc from 2006 to 2020!

4059.00   only 997.00 (Digital + Hard Copy Free) (that’s a 3052.00 discount!)